Netflix Cheaper: For $3.75/Month with VPN (Turkey) – Easy Guide

Netflix cheaper via VPN

Netflix is one of the most popular streaming services worldwide. However, in America, it is relatively expensive. With a VPN, users can access cheaper prices from other countries and save on their Netflix subscription. I have extensively tested the VPN trick.

In this article, I will discuss this in detail, provide a step-by-step guide ↓, examine the legal situation, and address possible risks. Additionally, I will list the currently cheapest Netflix countries.

If you have any questions or need further information on this topic, please use the comment function ↓ below.

Netflix Turkey is the best choice for a subscription via VPN

I have tried subscribing to Netflix in various countries. Netflix Turkey worked the best. Unlike other countries, Netflix Turkey does not require a local phone number.

Additionally, Netflix Turkey allows the use of Turkish gift cards to pay for the subscription. These gift cards can be easily purchased online. The exact procedure is described in my guide ↓ below.

Here are my test results:

Country Prices (per month) Is subscription purchase via VPN possible?
Basic Standard Premium
$3.75 $5.54 $7.19 Works smoothly via VPN. A VPN and a gift card are needed once for registration. Here’s how ↓
$2.39 $5.99 $7.81 National payment method and phone number required.
$4.27 $6.84 $9.42 National payment method and phone number required.
$5.36 $8.03 $11.23 National payment method and phone number required.
$5.42 $9.63 $13.24 National payment method and phone number required.
$5.44 $8.16 $10.89 National payment method required.
$5.44 $10.34 $13.07 National payment method required.
$7.39 $10.95 $15.29 National payment method required.

I will test more countries in the future. However, I have already considered the cheapest ones.

How much can you save with a Turkish Netflix subscription?

Netflix Turkey

The monthly savings when using a Turkish Netflix subscription compared to a American subscription are significant. Here are the detailed savings:

  • Basic Plan: The ad-free basic plan is no longer offered in America.
  • Standard Plan: A savings of $9.95 per month results in an annual saving of $119.40.
  • Premium Plan: A savings of $15.80 per month results in an annual saving of $189.60.

Does the VPN need to be always active when streaming Netflix Turkey?

No, once you have subscribed to Netflix in Turkey, you do not need to keep the VPN active while streaming. However, for the first 28 days after subscribing, it is necessary to use the VPN. This is because Netflix checks your IP address and location during this period to ensure you are in the country where the subscription was registered.

After the initial 28 days, using the VPN is no longer required. Netflix then allows you to access your account without the VPN.

Is account sharing still possible with Netflix Turkey?

Yes, account sharing is still possible with Netflix Turkey. However, I cannot guarantee how long this practice will remain unrestricted with Netflix Turkey.

In many other countries (including America), stricter controls have already been implemented to ensure that only paying users have access to the content. These measures include verifying IP addresses and introducing additional fees for sharing accounts with people outside your household.

Guide: How to Get Netflix Cheaper with a VPN

Step 1: Installing the VPN



First, you need VPN access. NordVPN is recommended. The basic access costs €12.99 per month. There are other providers, all in the same price range, but NordVPN works best.

Install the access software (available for all devices as an app or browser extension). You don’t need to establish a VPN connection yet. This will be done later in Step 3.

Up to 71% Discount


Step 2: Purchase a Netflix Gift Card

Netflix Gift Card

Since you probably don’t have a Turkish credit card, you need a Turkish Netflix gift card. You can easily purchase these in online stores like Eneba (links to follow ↓). After purchase, the gift card will be displayed in the browser and sent to you via email.

Netflix gift cards are billed proportionally, so you don’t necessarily have to subscribe for a whole month. You can also combine multiple gift cards to pay for your Netflix subscription.

Gift Card (Value) Sufficient for Purchase Online
Basic Standard Premium
Netflix Gift Card TURKEY 50 TRY 12 days 8 days 6 days $10.29 (
Netflix Gift Card TURKEY 75 TRY 18 days 12 days 9 days $3.25 (
Netflix Gift Card TURKEY 100 TRY 25 days 16 days 13 days $4.91 (
Netflix Gift Card TURKEY 200 TRY 50 days 33 days 26 days $9.04 (
Netflix Gift Card TURKEY 250 TRY 62 days 42 days 32 days $7.99 (
Netflix Gift Card TURKEY 300 TRY 75 days 50 days 39 days $9.75 (
Netflix Gift Card TURKEY 350 TRY 87 days 59 days 45 days $14.10 (
Netflix Gift Card TURKEY 400 TRY 100 days 67 days 52 days $12.91 (
Netflix Gift Card TURKEY 450 TRY 112 days 76 days 58 days $17.36 (
Netflix Gift Card TURKEY 500 TRY 125 days 84 days 65 days $16.05 (
Netflix Gift Card TURKEY 550 TRY 137 days 93 days 71 days $20.62 (
Netflix Gift Card TURKEY 600 TRY 150 days 101 days 78 days $19.42 (
Netflix Gift Card TURKEY 700 TRY 175 days 118 days 91 days $26.04 (
Netflix Gift Card TURKEY 750 TRY 187 days 127 days 97 days $23.67 (
Netflix Gift Card TURKEY 800 TRY 200 days 135 days 104 days $27.38 (
Netflix Gift Card TURKEY 900 TRY 225 days 152 days 117 days $29.30 (
Netflix Gift Card TURKEY 1000 TRY 250 days 169 days 130 days $23.36 (

Step 3: Set Up Your Netflix Account and Subscribe

  1. Connect to a Turkish VPN in the VPN software.
  2. Open your preferred web browser and navigate to the Turkish Netflix website
  3. Enter your email address and click “Get Started.”

    Get Started
  4. Create a password for your Netflix account and click “Next” to continue.
  5. Choose your desired subscription plan (Basic, Standard, or Premium). A detailed description of the plans can be found on the website. Click “Next” to confirm your selection.
  6. In the next step, select “Gift Code” as your payment method.

  7. Enter the code from your gift card and click “Redeem Gift Code.”

    Gift Code
  8. You can specify a backup payment method in the next step. Click “Skip This Step.”
  9. Click “Start Membership.”
  10. Done! You can now log into your new Netflix account.
  11. Stream your favorite series and movies.
  12. When your balance is used up, you can either redeem a new gift card or add another payment method to continue your subscription.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is subscribing to Netflix from abroad via VPN legal?

According to Netflix’s terms of service, you are only allowed to access the service in the country where you are located and where you registered your account. Using a VPN to circumvent geographic restrictions violates these terms.

This can theoretically lead to restrictions or bans. However, no cases are known where end users have been prosecuted. This would also be difficult since using a VPN is legal in most countries.

Is it legal to subscribe to Netflix, for example, via a Turkish VPN?

Are there any content availability restrictions if I subscribe to Netflix via VPN?

No, if you subscribe to Netflix via VPN, there are no restrictions on content availability. You only need the VPN for subscribing. After that, you can access the American library without a VPN. Netflix will recognize your actual location and provide you with the appropriate content.

Where is Netflix the cheapest?

Netflix subscription prices are the lowest in Nigeria worldwide. The standard plan costs approximately $3 per month. Egypt follows as the second cheapest country, with the monthly price for the standard plan being around $4.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to subscribe via VPN in these countries. Either a regional payment method or a local phone number is required. I have tested this multiple times.

Which VPN providers work with Netflix?

When trying to access Netflix through various VPN providers, I received different results depending on the VPN service. While NordVPN consistently performed well, others like AdGuard VPN and the Firefox add-on Urban Free VPN Proxy Unblocker failed completely. In these cases, access to Netflix remained blocked. Others, like ExpressVPN, CyberGhost, and Surfshark VPN, required multiple attempts to successfully access Netflix.

What happens if the balance on my card is insufficient?

If the balance is not enough to pay for the entire month, the balance will be used as far as possible, and you will then be prompted to add an additional gift card/payment method.

In my gift card list ↑, I have noted how many days each gift card will exactly last.

Can I use multiple gift cards at the same time?

Yes, you can use multiple gift cards one after another to top up your account.

Turkish Netflix Gift Cards on Eneba
Numerous Turkish gift cards for Netflix are offered on Eneba’s website. These cards cannot be activated in America and are only valid for Turkey. The cards are available as digital keys, delivered immediately after purchase. There are various values of gift cards ranging from 50 TRY to 1000 TRY.

How can I cancel my subscription? Go to your account on the Netflix website, navigate to “Account,” and click on “Cancel Membership.”

Can I change my subscription later? Yes, you can change your subscription at any time. Simply go to “Account” and select “Change Plan.”

This article is also available in german.

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